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Sunday, July 17, 2005

Dinner with Phil, Kathy, Charles and Susan on 7/16/05 Posted by Picasa


Blogger bok choy boy said...

On Saturday, I had a few friends over for dinner, Phil, Kathy, Charles, and Susan. Charles is a friend that I have recently reacquaint with. Charles and I were dormmates back when we were freshmen at UCI. A few months ago we ran into each other in the city and have hung out a couple of times since.

It was a great time! Thanks all of you for sharing the evening with me.
Charles and Susan, thanks for the merlot, sorry we didn't get a chance to drink it.
Phil, thanks for the late harvest reisling, forgotten how good that was.
Kathy, thanks for the sunflowers, they are beautiful and thanks for the oven story, you crack me up!

So, when are we going to Sonoma?

10:37 PM


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