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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Aaaaaugh! I was driving home last week. I just got on the freeway and bam! A rock hits my windshield and a crack appears. That sucks! Luckily I lowered my insurance deductable for the windshield replacement down from $250 to $50. It seems like the Minis are susceptible to cracks because the windshield is more upright than other cars. When I got the Mini, I picked it up at Pleasanton. Five minutes on the freeway, bam! Luckily that crack was small and repairable. I guess it's one of the few drawbacks to owning a Mini Cooper!
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Anonymous wendy said...

that sucks! but at least you didn't personally get hit by a rock.

12:18 PM

Blogger bok choy boy said...


12:23 PM

Blogger MocMoc & Rocketdog said...

I know how you feel - sucks when luck is not on your side.

1:35 PM

Blogger bok choy boy said...

Well, I decided to get it replaced at the Mini dealership because of all the warning people had about 3rd party window people. Seems like Mini's a little more complicate. There's a plastic cover piece that needs to be put on correctly. Well, it ended up being about $750! Ouch! Glad my insurance covered it!

11:02 AM


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