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Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Okay, I am addicted to Flickr. Don't know what Flickr is? Go to www.flickr.com! It's a photography communtity where you share your photography with other flickrholics. Some people use this site a photo blog others use it to showcase their photography. There are many different groups that represent all different interest. There are groups that showcase pictures of nature, animals, weddings, sunsets, black and white photography, night photography, food photography, etc... The list goes on.

I use this site to showcase my photography but I soon discovered I really enjoy Flickr for the community I built. Met some great people on Flickr and I have gotten to know them and appreciate their photography. I have gotten to know people from all around the world through Flickr!

Well if you ever go on to Flickr, check out my photos! My Flickr name is bokchoyboy.
Got to go, need to surf Flickr!!!


Blogger MocMoc & Rocketdog said...

Hi - my name is MocMoc and I'm a flickrholic.

7:58 AM

Anonymous wendy said...

Hi, mocmoc & rocketdog,
My name is Wendy and i'm a flickrholic.

9:24 AM

Anonymous di said...

Part of the fun that Gord is having is due in large part to ME! So be sure to check out my stream!

I'm Di, and I'm also a flickrholic.

10:05 AM

Anonymous Ginger said...

We are all Flickrholic and proud of it! Yeah! :O)

7:24 PM


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