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Saturday, October 08, 2005

My friends, Catherine and Phil on our visit to Sonoma Posted by Picasa


Blogger bok choy boy said...

The three of us went to Anderson Valley in Sonoma County this past saturday. Beautiful day in wine country.

First stop was at Wilson Winery in the Dry Creek area. Had to stop somewhere to get a map since I forgot to bring one. Good wine but wasn't extremely impressive today.

Next stop was at Jordan Winery, unfortunately the tasting only came after the tours and the tours were all booked up.

Sausal was our third stop. They are known for their zins. Not bad but again not inpressive.

Our fourth stop was at Hanna winery. We decided to picnic here. Nice spot for a picnic. The wine here was the best of the day. Sauvignon blanc and chardonnay were delicious. The merlot, zin and cab weren't bad either.

OUr final stop at Field Stone wasn't even worth mentioning except that the pours were less than generous, but wasn't so for the people next to us...hmmmmm. Smelled like manure outside too. Not what you want to smell when you are wine tasting.

Ended our trip with a visit to A&W for a rootbeer float! Yummmm!

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