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Friday, May 26, 2006

Going under the lasik knife!

Well after years of wanting to get lasik surgery done, I am finally going to go through with it! My surgery is scheduled for June 6th with Dr. Manche of the Stnaford Medical Center. I got recommended to from an optometrist who said that Dr. Manche is the person that other eye surgeons go to to get lasik. Very reassuring. With that reassurance comes a price. Dr. Manche is not cheap, not at all, but I figured, these are my eyes. I don't want to mess around with someone whose cheaper but not as good, right?

I don't think I am nervous yet. Maybe as time gets closer. i am more annoyed because I have to wear my glasses for the whole week prior. Yuck!

Anyone out there who's done the surgery and have advice or a story?