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Monday, March 27, 2006


I have played with SimpleViewer in the past in trying to find a way to display my photography, that is until I discovered Flickr. I like the way that that SimpleViewer looks but it wasn't all that user friendly. Well, recently I discovered that there is a Picasa interface for SimplerViewer that makes creating a web page very easy. I LOVE Picasa! Checkout my Flower page.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Going Nowhere

Going Nowhere
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It's been storming off an on for what seems like weeks now. One big benefit is that it brings storm lighting. As a photographer I am attracted to image with storm lighting. I just love the mood that it creates.

I just discovered another benefit of the storms, rocks and pebbles that get washed up on the shore. I started collecting a few pebbles here and there when I started shooting at Ocean Beach but on a normal day, I would only find one or two because there just weren't many to choose from. Not when I went this week! I hit the motherload! There were sooooo many pebbles. I think I must have had over 10lbs in my pocket. When I have time, I take a picture of some of the pebbles and post it. You can see the beach littered with pebbles and rocks in this picture.