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Monday, March 27, 2006


I have played with SimpleViewer in the past in trying to find a way to display my photography, that is until I discovered Flickr. I like the way that that SimpleViewer looks but it wasn't all that user friendly. Well, recently I discovered that there is a Picasa interface for SimplerViewer that makes creating a web page very easy. I LOVE Picasa! Checkout my Flower page.


Blogger MocMoc & Rocketdog said...

Oooh! I think I'll have to give it a try for my website! :)

5:38 AM

Blogger MocMoc & Rocketdog said...

Question - I see that you have created titles for your pictures but does it allow you to add descriptions to each picture?

5:40 AM

Blogger bok choy boy said...

Mocmoc, I haven't figured out how to add the description to each picture. The title comes from the caption in Picasa. My be you can type out the description after the title you give it. Gook Luck. If you find out, let me know!

7:57 AM

Blogger Ivy said...

Way way way..... cool!

3:59 AM

Anonymous sarah said...

Thanks G! I'll have to check this out! I hope it's "free"! ;o)

Btw, your flower page rocks! :O)

8:41 AM


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